Allegany County, Pennsylvania where Coyle A Dempsey grew up and enlisted.

Coyle A Dempsey was from Pitcairn, Pennsylvania in Allegany county and enlisted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1942, the Pittsburgh Courier released its Double V Campaign. This African American run newspaper wrote about the segregation and unequal treatment in the Army. By reporting the unfair treatment of African Americans during the war, the Courier contributed to the War effort by inspiring Pennsylvanians to buy war bonds and join the armed forces. This edition of The Pittsburgh Courier shows how their message originated in Pittsburgh and spread across the state. This meant more people were seeing the campaign and joining the army.

Pittsburgh Courier's Double V campaign spreads to other newspapers, resulting in more soldiers enlisting and more people supporting the war cause through purchasing war bonds. Saturday June 11, 1942

During the war, Pennsylvania became a leading producer of coal, steel, and other important resources. Throughout the war, Pennsylvania supplied 31% of steel in America and 20% of the worldwide steel production. Many citizens worked in factories producing these resources and the ones not working in the factories collected and donated scrap metals and rubber. Over 1.25 million Pennsylvanians served in the armed forces, which meant the demand for workers was high. Many women and African Americans filled these jobs by moving to industrial cities like Pittsburgh.

Map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where Coyle A Dempsey enlisted.

Another way Pennsylvania contributed to WWII was through the invention of the first Jeep. The Jeep was designed in Butler, Pennsylvania by The American Bantam Car Company. The U.S. Army asked 135 car companies to design a heavy duty car to carry soldiers and supplies. The American Bantam Car Company was one of three companies to respond by designing a car for the U.S. Army. However, since The American Bantam Car Company could not meet the demands for production, Willys-Overland Motors of Toledo, Ohio manufactured the car originally designed by The American Bantam Car Company. The invention of the Jeep was important during the war because it made transportation of soldiers and supplies more efficiently.

First Jeep designed and produced by The American Bantam Car Company in Butler, Pennsylvania.

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